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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions

INT-US-The following article helps to explain some of the routine dilemmas of the modern age (for example, why do we crave distraction over downtime?) while offering practical solutions on “disconnecting”: Link 1(W) 10-12

INT-US-Let’s look at who we are as a generation – each one of us are part of a bigger collective: Link 2 (9:28)  (V) 8-12

CAN- Coming to the realization that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative, author Erin Henry takes a life-altering dive into the world of affirmations; self-directed phrases that affirm core values and positive self-worth. The Power of Affirmations:  Link 3 (W) 9-12

INT-US-Others have taken on the Challenge to connect (look at how many times this articles and movie has been shared) Link 4 . This is pretty easy to do. So are you connecting?  (W) 8-12

CAN-What are some of the barriers to connecting with others or having them connected to you? Explore this site and reflect if how you connect with others may invite openness or make others feel “different” or even re-enforcing oppression Link 5 (W) 8-12 

INT-US-Some words on what family means to other youth (2:45) Link 6(V)  This is neat. I like that it is made by a youth.

CAN-The following website offers simple and fun ways to reconnect with family members: Link 8

Here is an example of a community supporting their neighbours, the feeling of knowing and supporting each other: Link 9 (5:19)(V) 8-12

INT-US-You can also connect and make a difference without committing very much time Link 10 (W) 8-12

INT-Deep Ecologist Satish Kumar speaks on the intrinsic value of Nature:Link 11(2:44)(V) 8-12

INT-US- Meaningful relationships with nature for mental health and peace:Link 12 (W) 8-12


Case Study Links:

BC -High school and elementary school students team up to challenge bullying: Link 13 (V & W) 8-12

BC - Here is a youth who is helping young people realign their values about gender: Link 14 and Link 15 (V & W) 8-12

BC -Teens in BC want to have their voices heard and help other teens get their voices heard too: Link 16 (V & W) 8-12

INT- What is the human right to water and does everyone have access to that right? Scroll down to the Did you Know section and learn about water consumption in developing and developed nations.  Link 17   (W) 10-12

INT- Around the world, the amount of clean, drinkable water is rapidly decreasing, and there are frequent water crises and droughts that are devastating to local people and wildlife. Here are some of the facts and issues: Link 18  (W) 6-12

BC -Together we can protect our beautiful forests: Link 19 (V & W) 8-12

BC -These students know how important it is to keep projects sustainable. Check out what they created to sustain their energy reduction projects: Link 20 (V & W) 8-12

BC -Find out how fish can grow plants: Link 21 (V & W) 8-12 

BC- Fernie Academy students saw paper waste as a huge issue in their school. Learn more about what they did to address it: Link 22 (V & W) 8-12