SLC Module - Conscious Consumption

I value longevity, quality over quantity, creativity and simplicity.

There is a common misunderstanding that “more is better,” especially when it comes to shopping and acquiring more material goods like clothing or electronics. But when we throw things away to make way for new, do we ever really stop to consider where “away” really is? Where does all that garbage go? Do we really need everything we are purchasing? When we buy into the belief that more is better, we support a “disposable culture” that is overflowing our landfills, oceans and atmosphere with more harmful pollutants than is globally sustainable.

Most North American households produce approximately 2 kgs of solid waste a day, or 740 kgs a year. Each kg of waste creates twice as much greenhouse gas! Fortunately, we have the power to consciously disengage from this disposable culture, which encourages us to keep madly working to earn more money and buy new products in pursuit of an elusive happiness. It is time for us to reclaim our identity as citizens instead of consumers and to focus more on what truly brings us long-lasting happiness and meaningful fulfillment.


  1. Precycling
  2. Costly Trends
  3. Disposables
  4. Recycling
  5. All Packaged Up
  6. Into the River
  7. Organic Waste
  8. Acidic Oceans