Teacher Kits

Each SLC module includes an extensive Teachers’ Kit that includes:

  • Timed and adaptable Lesson Plan
  • Quick Summary of Student Action Packs
  • Student World View: this quick survey of questions establishes the current world view of the student before they start to explore the topic
  • Video clips: accessible through online links. This compilation of short clips sets the stage for an exploration about the issue in the introductory lesson.
  • Lesson Media Notes summarizing content on video clips shown in class
  • Class discussion questions and a choice of engaging activities to explore the core assumption that have resulted in our current sustainability issue
  • Indigenous Wisdom Quotes are included in each Lesson Plan and each Student Action Pack
  • Answer keys to Student Action Packs are on-line for teacher access only
  • Rubrics for assessing Presentation
  • Student SLC Award certificates for completing each SLC Module.

Click here to download a sample Lesson Plan (Value C: Conservation)

Click here to download a sample Student World View