How to Signup

Step 1.

On the home page, scroll down the page.

Step 2.

Scroll down the page and fill in the relevant information and click "signup".

Step 3.

Fill in the relevant information.

Check your mailbox, you will receive this email verifying your signup.

Step 4.

You will then land on this page, click on the link to continue the signup process.

You will then receive this email, this email will tell you various information about our programs and student signups.

Step 5.

You will then be brought to this page, fill in your email in the field.

Step 6.

This email will then be sent to you, this will give you a link to set up your password.

Step 7.

Fill in your desired password, then click "Change Password".

Step 8.

Click "Access SLC" to use the program.

Thank you for signing up!