Waste Watchers


The Waste Watchers Initiative is an action education program that educates, engages, and supports high school students in influencing positive systemic change in their schools, homes, and community.     


About the Waste Watchers Initiative

Waste Watchers is a regional initiative that engages students in local zero waste solutions through education that empowers behavior change. Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Challenge requires that schools divert their organic waste from the landfill. Our program provides educational resources to students who plan and take action to help their schools get to zero waste. Our educational approach focuses on the issues surrounding zero waste, such as climate change and resource depletion, while supporting youth to champion zero waste initiatives in their schools, homes, and communities.

"Composting food scraps for waste diversion has always been something that I have dreamed of since grade 10. With the essential toolkits, documents and resources from Be the Change Earth Alliance, this vision has at last become reality" - Simon, Burnaby South Student

What does Waste Watchers offer?

BTCEA delivers programming to schools who want support reducing their waste. BTCEA partners with teachers and classrooms who receive the following:

  • An educational waste audit where students collect and sort a day's worth of garbage and discuss and record what we find in the garbage and the solutions they can bring to their school.
  • Waste audit results for participants to educate others.
  • Toolkit materials to support youth and their leader/teacher sponsor to complete projects to improve diversion rates

Registration for Waste Watchers has closed for the year, please look out for future opportunities and reports from this initiative. 

 Waste Watchers is generously supported by: