Waste Watchers Toolkit Content

Food waste makes up over 40% of the waste that ends up in the landfill. The aim of the resources in the WASTE WATCHERS Toolkit is to give students what they need to learn and educate others about the importance of waste reduction and organic waste diversion as global sustainability issues.  

Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) has created the WASTE WATCHERS Toolkit to support student action to improve the waste diversion programs in their schools and empower youth-led policy change at the district level.

As WASTE WATCHERS students will, using their school as a case study, look at the waste systems are already in place, evaluate their effectiveness, build a team, plan a project and implement improvements to waste systems.  

Action Plan

Action Plan


Waste Assessment

Waste Audit

Garbage Bin Campaign


Creative Advertising


Event Launch

In Class Education


Project Evaluation

Waste Reduction Evaluation

Additional Resources

Signage Tips

Waste Audit Observation Sheet

Waste Audit Worksheet