Zero Waste Workshops


Be The Change Earth Alliance is excited to partner with the City of Vancouver to engage students in zero waste education. We are proud to support the City of Vancouver in becoming the Greenest City by 2020.

If you are a grade 9 teacher or a passionate school principal or vice principal at a Vancouver high school (private or public), you can register for a free zero waste workshop. The workshop connects local zero waste initiatives to climate change and supports the 'greening' of Vancouver schools. It explores the issue of waste in detail, introducing students to waste-related topics such as recycling, disposables, Vancouver's litter problem and over-consumption. During the workshop, students are invited to explore a waste-related topic in small groups, pledge to take personal actions (such as reducing their use of disposable containers for 2 weeks) and give short presentations to their fellow students about potential actions and solutions to the waste problem.

Workshop topics and goals will support students to:

  • Develop a better understanding of local and global waste issues (including the science 9 climate change connection)
  • Become informed on some of the great initiatives happening and explore how they can be part of the solutions
  • Think critically about their interactions with waste

The workshop is a stand-alone session of approximately 75-80 minutes facilitated by our team at BTCEA and can be scheduled for between February and May 2017. It is offered free of charge but there are only limited spots available so register here ASAP to secure one:

Please be advised that the workshops are only offered to grade 9 classes.