Fostering Student Well being, Resilience and Action in Today’s Climate Reality

Have you noticed students or yourself grappling with the emotional impacts of forest fires, heat waves or flooding? Are you looking for ways to uplift hopeful narratives, climate action and wellbeing in yourself and the classroom? Climate change is here and our youth are experiencing a diversity of challenging climate emotions. In a recent study, 78% of Canadian youth reported that climate change impacts their overall mental health. And these impacts start early: intermediate aged students are worried about how humans are affecting the natural world. As educators, we need to break through the “climate of silence” and address these very real emotions- fear, grief, anger, hopelessness- in the classroom. Acknowledgement is the first step in moving forward. 

In this workshop, educators will be connected with tangible theory-to-practice strategies and tools to support them and their students in navigating the complexity and impacts of climate change at the individual, community and systems levels. Regardless of the age or subject one teaches, this workshop will equip educators with practical and actionable ways to foster climate wellbeing and resilience in our students and ourselves.




Currently these workshops are available in the geographical region covered by School District 73, Kamloops-Thompson, School District 74, Gold Trail, and School District 83, North Okanagan-Shuswap. BTCEA is hoping to expand the availability of these workshops in the near future. Please complete this form to be notified when they are available in your district.


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