Erin Leckie

Erin started full-time with BTCEA from June 2011, first as Program Manager, and then stepped into the Executive Director role from June 2016 until March 2019. Erin is now in a consultant and facilitator role for the organization, giving space for new leadership and energy to infuse this amazing organization.

An experienced and well-traveled outdoor and environmental educator and guide, Erin’s passion for environmental sustainability and social justice led her to join Be The Change in the collaborative creation of the groundbreaking new sustainability curriculum for high school students in 2011. She has Diplomas in Wilderness Leadership, Adventure Guiding, Holistic Bodywork, and a degree in Adventure Tourism Management, along with a variety of other courses and programs, many focused on leadership development and immersing herself in indigenous ways of being and allyship. Erin has sought out opportunities to be involved in building up others’ leadership capacities and fostering a shift in societal norms through community initiatives since she was young.

Since Erin joined BTCEA, she managed and co-created BTCEA’s Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLS) program, along with facilitated SLS workshops and teacher professional development, Awaken & Change Symposiums, and fostered the human resources at BTCEA. As Executive Director, she enjoyed pushing her creative capacity to support environmental and social justice education in emergent ways through new programs and approaches. She led the creation and implementation of Waste Watchers, Climate Action Champions, and Citizen's of the Future youth programs, with a soft spot for building youth's leadership capacity.


The following video is an example of how our personal stories can help drive the change we need to foster in our communities - and joining or supporting Be The Change can help ignite passion and informed purpose in our emerging leaders!


Be The Change - Executive Director Position

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