Maureen Jack-LaCroix

Creative Director

Maureen Jack-LaCroix, BA. MA, PhD (cand.) is an inspiring speaker, workshop facilitator and environmental educator. Studying closely with Dr. Matthew Fox and Dr. Joanna Macy, Maureen has a Masters in Creation Spirituality and Eco-Psychology from Naropa University. Her PhD in Socioecological Education from S.F.U. is informed by over 15 years of research and experience delivering community ‘sustainability’ programs for adults and collaboratively developing eco-social learning resources for teachers and students in secondary schools. As the Founder and Creative Director of Be The Change Earth Alliance, she has empowered thousands of individuals to make positive environmental behaviour change by connecting the big global issues to personal lifestyle choices.

Through BTCEA Maureen developed an adult education program of symposia and action circles, wrote the Be The Change Action Guide and produced The Great Turning community engagement events. She went on to collaborate with secondary school teachers on the iterative design and development of ‘SLC: Student Leadership For Change’ EE learning resources and teacher aides. Maureen is also working with a wide variety of businesses to bolster employee engagement through sustainability programs in the workplace. Maureen was honoured as the ‘2017 Outstanding Individual in an Organization’ by EECOM, the Canadian Environmental Educators Association, nominated as the 2018 YWCA Environmental Woman of Distinction and received the Hidden Hero award from MP Joyce Murray in 2018 for her work in environmental education.
Before dedicating her life to environmental sustainability, Maureen was the CEO and Creative Director of Jack of Hearts Productions, creating the annual Slam City Jam skateboard championships, the annual Music West Festival, managing the Tears Are Not Enough Liveaid fundraising enterprise and producing several TV music specials.

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