Climate Action Unit

The Climate Action Unit is a new addition for Fall 2019 to Be The Change’s ever-evolving, flagship educational program Student Leadership for Change (SLC).

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The Climate Action Unit consists of 13 “Action Packs” and 3 different lesson plans with engaging student activities. These learning resources are designed to:

  • Guide students through in-depth research on important issues related to climate change, ranging from transportation and pipeline expansions to industrial agriculture
  • Empower students to take meaningful actions in their homes, schools, and communities to address climate change.
  • Motivate students to focus on both personal and systemic change
  • Enable students to track the CO2 emission they avert through their actions by using an online portal


Be the Change Earth Alliance takes a pedagogical approach that:

  • inspires hope, rather than fear with a values-based, solutions-oriented approach
  • Addresses issues of climate injustice locally, regionally and globally
  • Aligns strongly with the First People’s Principles of Learning and brings forth Indigenous voices and perspectives
  • Helps students clarify their values and connect to their peers and to nature
  • Features interactive, multi-media resources to engage students of diverse learning styles
  • Features videos and blogs of other youth who have completed SLC Action Packs, reflecting on what they learned and their experience of taking Climate Action (coming soon!)


The 13 engaging Action Packs in this Unit are:

  • The Story of Meat
  • Plastics
  • Costly Trends
  • Organic Waste
  • Acidic Oceans
  • Transportation
  • Paper Cuts
  • Bright Energy
  • Being Chill & Heating Up
  • Oil
  • Nature Nurture
  • Nature’s Rights
  • Climate Justice