What We Believe

Be The Change Earth Alliance provides 21st century educational programming that engages citizens in understanding their role in fostering global sustainability solutions. We believe that when an individual’s passion for action is activated they shift their behaviours and lead meaningful sustainability changes in their homes, schools, workplace, and communities. We believe that a collective of engaged and activated citizens have the power to shift our cultural norms, creating a more sustainable shared future


What We Do

Be The Change Earth Alliance currently fulfills our mandate through providing curriculum resources, professional development and capacity building opportunities for teachers and students, and environmental education services to schools, school districts, and municipalities.

Currently, our core programs being offered are SLS: Student Leadership in Sustainability and Climate Action Champions. BTCEA also provides specific educational programming on waste, connected to our Waste Watchers program and is co-leading a social innovation sustainability education research project with many well-established and innovative educators. 


What We Have Achieved

Since 2011, the SLS program has been taught by 382 teachers in 98 schools, engaging over 17,000 students in taking over 100,000 sustainability actions.  BTCEA has steered and participated in many community and district collaborations, enhancing the impact of environmental education. 



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