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Ready to join the student changemaker challenge?  

Our challenge together is to build the widest school-based climate action communication network and engage the most student and teacher voices in a climate education survey that will help shape the future of the BC education system.

Help us grow our network from “Seedling” to “Forest.” Here’s how we’ll measure our success:

Will you join and help reach as many students, teachers and changemaking clubs as possible?


We are asking student clubs around the province to help by: 

  1. Mapping your group and contact info. Fill out this Club Survey as a group to join the map of BC school-based changemakers. The Club Survey will create an accessible map of club contacts, projects and teacher champions across BC. Help build this school-based network across the province to facilitate collaboration, resource sharing, and collective action on climate change!
  2. Connecting with and recruiting 5 other changemaking groups or clubs in your school district to join this network. (social justice clubs, green teams, climate clubs, sustainability clubs, etc). If every group like yours recruits a few more, this network will grow fast! How big can we make it?
  3. Gathering student voices for climate education reform. Have your teammates and other students in your school fill out the anonymous Student Survey to have their voice heard on climate education reform. Plus, they can pledge to take a sustainability action at the end! The survey will gather student voices and feedback on how to reform the curriculum which could spark change at a provincial level. You might hold an event, share on your social media, ask your administration to share it with teachers and students, or ask your favourite teachers to share it with their class!
  4. Mobilizing teachers. Ask teachers to complete the Teacher Survey and have their class fill out the Student Survey so others can join you in voicing their climate education needs.
  5. Signing up and sharing our webinar, co-hosted by Be the Change, Climate Education Reform BC (CERBC), and Sustainabiliteens to learn about youth organizing in BC and get access to training and resources to empower your changemaking.

Why participate in this challenge?

Students across the province recognize the urgency of the climate crisis. If you’re taking action through a climate, sustainability or social justice club or youth group, you’re not alone!

We need a changemaker network. Do you know what other schools clubs are doing in your district? What about the province? Communication is CRITICAL to making the changes we need to avoid the worst of the climate emergency. Imagine if you could get in touch with any youth-led club around the province working on a piece of climate or social justice, see their project on a map next to yours and connect to collaborate or learn from them. Year after year, this network will connect you to resources, trainings, webinars, events and more to empower your changemaking. By participating in this challenge, you will be helping build the network!

We need a survey to identify our climate education needs. Climate Education Reform BC (CERBC) - a growing youth-led organization - is calling for changes to the BC education system in order to better prepare students and teachers to tackle the climate crisis. Have you thought about how the education system could do more to help you make a difference on the climate crisis? Ever felt like you weren’t given all the information, skills and resources you need to tackle climate change? Want to have a say? By joining the network, you’ll get the chance to share your input through the Student Survey and amplify the call for changes you want to see to your education.

At Be the Change Earth Alliance we aim to empower students and teachers with the resources they need to learn about climate change and take action. To honour the call of the youth, we are bringing students and teachers together through this initiative to:



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