Justice, Equity, Decolonization, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDDI) at Be the Change Earth Alliance

Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) is actively committed to creating systemic change within our organization, learning resources and pedagogies, and within the BC education system; change that reforms and transforms oppressive or limiting ways of teaching, learning, knowing, acting and being. Our ecosocial educational programs lead to greater justice, equity, decolonization, diversity, and inclusion (JEDDI) in the education system and beyond. Be The Change Earth Alliance’s Board of Directors and staff acknowledge the widespread history of white supremacy in the environmental movement and education system and are purposely doing our part to remedy this. 

In 2020, the staff developed an internal JEDDI team focused on learning, holding ourselves accountable, and identifying areas for improvement within our programs and our organizational policies and practices. We recognize that anti-racism and justice work are constantly evolving and we are committed to adapting, learning, and growing. 

We recognize the often unpaid and uncredited work that Indigenous, Black and People of Colour (IBPOC) have contributed to the environmental movement in Canada and beyond, including many of the resources and wisdom we use and share in our work at BTCEA. We take accountability for this and resolve to provide recognition and support where it is due. 

Action areas:

  • Ongoing updating of SLC resources to ensure that all links and activities are inclusive of individuals from diverse and equity-deserving communities wherever possible.
  • Ensuring all workshops 1) Thoughtfully honour Indigenous teachings. 2) Provide more local examples of environmental and climate justice
  • Conducting quarterly decolonization team meetings to encourage continued learning and critical discussion about the effects that colonialism, white supremacy, and other intersecting systems of oppression have within our organization and programming.
  • Receiving feedback from our JEDDI Wisdom Circle to inform our internal policies and external programming

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Be the Change is a proud member of the Canadian Environmental Network.