Youth for Climate Action Guidebooks

Youth for Climate Action

Are you working on climate action but are unsure how to form or lead a team, want more information on climate change and climate justice, or looking for advice and support in designing and running an exciting project?

BTCEA created the Youth for Climate Action guidebooks to support youth teams and individuals to conduct successful climate action projects and dive deeper into self-development work surrounding climate justice organizing. 

The guidebooks are broken down into 4 sections, which you can download individually, or you can download the entire guidebook library with this link! 


Folder includes:
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creating Norms
  • Recruitment
  • Relationships & Team Culture Guide
  • Shared Purpose
  • Team-Building Introduction
  • Team Meeting Guide
  • Team Roles & Structure
Folder includes:
  • Ecological Footprint
  • Holiday Challenge
  • Intro to Climate Change, Justice and Action
  • Reconciliation Education
Folder includes:
  • Community Survey
  • Event Planning Guide
  • Fostering Intergenerational Mentor- Mentee Relationship
  • Goals, Strategy & Tactics
  • Project Criteria
  • Social Media & Art
  • Steps to Plan your Project
  • Storytelling
  • Relationships in Organizing

Folder includes:

  • 1. Unravel and Process Our Emotions For the World
  • 2. Moving Forward: Connecting to What I Love
  • 3. Visioning 1: Imagine Your Transformed World
  • 4. Visioning 2: Imagine Your Transformed Self
  • 5. Commit to Your Vision: Why Am I a Changemaker
  • 6. Being In Service of All Others
  • 7. Connect to the Natural World: Practices for Daily Connection
  • 8. Connect: To Your Changemaking Identity and Those You Protect
  • 9. Connect: Explore Your Gifts, Aspirations and Role in Changemaking
  • 10. Resiliency 2: Self-Love, Compassion and Longevity

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