Donor Story: Supporting Transformative Change

My name is Kate Sutherland. I donate every year to Be The Change Earth Alliance and have been an avid supporter since the early days. 

I love its grounded, practical, and strategic use of key levers for transformative change: activating HEAD (sharing key info), HEART (connecting to others and to values) and HANDS (recommending a range of potential actions). I so respect how the work keeps deepening and evolving, as the team learns and iterates its offerings.

And I care deeply about the braiding of three crucial strands in the BTC vision: to support a socially just, environmentally sustainable and personally fulfilling human presence on this planet

We need to wake up if we are to address the climate crisis without falling into fear or despair. BTCEA is empowering to the core and systemic in its DNA. You can taste this in their activation of students, of corporations, of community circles, of teachers, and more! 

I’ve been passionate about transformative change my whole life, creating innovative programs with environmental organizations, Findhorn Foundation, THNK School of Creative Leadership and SFU’s Social Innovation Certificate. My consulting practice and the three books I’ve authored all build on the essential truths of transformative change.  

I will continue to support BTCEA to support this “Great Turning” from an industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization (J.Macy). 


This blog is part of a Donor Story series and November fundraising campaign where BTCEA donors are sharing why they support Be the Change.

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