Donor Story: Supporting collaboration and critical thinking

My name is Michael Goodman, and I’m proud to say I’ve donated to Be the Change Earth Alliance. 

I’m 69. Climate change feels like my generation’s problem. And yet we’ve left our youth to deal with it. How better to solve this problem than by supporting them? 

Let’s help our youth discuss these problems and consider how they can reshape our country to do better. I donated to Be the Change Earth Alliance because I think that without discussion and thought there can be no action. Be the Change helps youth come to grips with the climate crisis and discover how they can make a positive impact on our world.  

I am the chairman and founder of the Tricity Group. We specialize in real estate development and mortgage lending in circumstances when banks might not - we aim to break the monopoly banks hold over lending. I manage The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund for Social and Ecological Justicewhich supports progressive Canadian change-makers.  Nobody has more tenacity and vision for creating change through education than Be the Change’s Creative Director, Maureen Jack-LaCroix!  

Climate change should be a concern for everybody. My own attention to this crisis was piqued when watching the documentary Chasing Ice. The science proving climate change is undoubtable. And we know that human activity is to blame. We also know that if we don’t change our ways soon, we will have gigantic problems.   

I have a 26-year-old son, and I want him to live in a good world. Even if we aren’t feeling any drastic effects yet in our region, we will soon. 

Be the Change brings critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills to combat climate change with their Youth for Climate Action resources. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Be the Change Earth Alliance as they aim is to make eco-social curriculum available in every BC secondary school. This work fosters citizens who are innovative and resilient in the face of climate change.


This blog is part of a Donor Story series and November fundraising campaign where BTCEA donors are sharing why they support Be the Change.

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