Climate and Connection Unit!

Be the Change has just launched the Climate & Connection Unit!

This new Unit from the Student Leadership for Change (SLC) program consists of 15 student Action Packs focused on two main themes:

    • Climate: climate change, climate action and climate justice
    • Connection: to myself, to my values, and to other people

What exactly does the Climate & Connection Unit entail and offer to teachers and students? 

The Climate & Connections Unit is designed to engage students in experiential learning and environmental action while learning remotely from home. This new Unit provides clear and user friendly instructions to guide students through learning and action on a variety of eco-social topics, limiting the amount of direct teacher guidance. The topics in the Unit are applicable for a wide range of classes and all directly emphasize Core Competencies!  

Students can access and work on the Climate and Connection Unit online in the form of fill-in PDFs. These PDFs are also printer-friendly! 

There is an added bonus, the entire suite of resources are available online for FREE.