Over the past 3 years, BTCEA staff have created resources designed for our Youth for Climate Action (now Youth for Climate Justice) program. We developed these resources based on our previous experience with climate action, organizing, and education, as well as through consultations with diverse youth to identify their needs and the barriers they face. These resources aim to address complex environmental and climate issues through a justice lens. 

We wanted to share them publicly so youth teams, teachers and individuals could use them to take climate action in their communities. 

For a full library of free learning resources, sign up to Student Leadership for Change here.

Be the Change has developed a collection of two-page infographics introducing concise key facts, statistics, concepts and impacts for 15 different climate change topics. Each infographic empowers hope and further action for students by including links to groups, organizations and Indigenous Peoples making a positive change and impact locally, nationally and internationally. These infographics are also visually appealing, easy-to-use and applicable across a range of courses, grades, and lesson types.

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