April 2021 Newsletter - Climate Education Reform + Forever Chemicals Webinar!

A New “Challenge” for Students and Teachers!

Be the Change is excited to share our latest initiative, a challenge to students and teachers to Build the BC Network of School-Based Changemakers. The challenge launched in late March and it aims to help build the widest school-based climate action communication network, and engage the most student and teacher voices in a climate education survey to shape the future of the BC education system. This initiative is, in part, to help the incredible efforts of Climate Education Reform BC (CERBC), a youth-led organization calling for changes to the BC education system that better prepare students and teachers to tackle the climate crisis. 

Now, you may be asking yourself how will Be the Change help create this HUGE change in the BC education system through this initiative? This initiative has youth across BC pledge to measurable sustainable action, share their voice through a climate education reform survey, and join a webinar proudly co-hosted by Be the Change Earth Alliance, and youth-led organizations: Sustainabiliteens and CERBC. Be the Change has already collected over 150 responses to our climate education reform survey from youth and educators across BC that want to see meaningful changes made to the BC education system. Here’s how we hope to build our network going forward:

How Can We Address Youth Eco-Anxiety?

In a time of uncertainty with the global pandemic and the climate crisis, we know that many people have been struggling with their mental health. Eco-anxiety has become a recognised phenomenon, especially among young people. This is an area of concern but can also be a source of inspiration for climate action. 

Be the Change will be part of an international virtual event on Tuesday May 11 10-11am PST marking Mental Health Awareness Weeks in both Canada and the UK. Join us to hear from climate activists and researchers from both countries on the mental health challenges linked to climate change, why access to nature is so important for wellbeing, and how these issues can inspire climate action. The event will include interactive elements and, we hope, inspire you to get involved!


Don’t Miss out on Sea Smart’s Forever Chemicals Webinar!

Do you know what ‘forever chemicals’ are? If not, Sea Smart is hosting a webinar on Friday, May 7, 2021 at 5 - 6:30pm on this exact topic. The Forever Chemicals webinar examines how our waterways can contain thousands of different toxic chemicals, many of which persist in the environment and accumulate in the bodies of living organisms for years. These chemicals are referred to as ‘forever chemicals’ . This informative webinar explores key questions, such as: What are ‘forever chemicals’? Where do they come from? What impact do they have on the environment? And what can we do about it? To find out the answers to these questions, check out Sea Smart’s webinar!

Be the Change Earth Alliance is able to continue its work empowering youth through the generosity of our donors. Please consider donating today. Thank you!


George Radner (he/his)
Executive Director

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