Taking a values-based, solutions-oriented approach, the SLC: Student Leadership for Change (SLC) program is constructed around a few essential values of a sustainable worldview. Student Action Packs within each module focus on specific examples of where we can shift our behaviours to support a sustainable future, allowing students to identify with an overarching value and develop an inclination to make sustainable choices in other parts of their life.

Student Leadership for Change (SLC) is an eco-social online learning program that takes a values-based, solutions-oriented approach to explore a range of 21st-century issues.

SLC offers 5 modules that focus on a specific value for sustainable world views. Student Action Packs within each module focus on specific examples of where we can shift our behaviours to support a sustainable future.

SLC allows students to meet curriculum requirements while developing the skills, values and knowledge to build a sustainable future.

What Students & Teachers Are Saying...

Fiona Buchanan

"I am new at the school and worked with a group of students I have not worked with before. The students were incredibly engaged with the inquiry and the resources we used. The most important observation I made was the empowerment the students felt after finishing the projects. Because the students were required to take actions and because the actions were “doable” students felt like they were actually making a difference."

Ken Larsen

“The resources that came from Be the Change Earth Alliance and their Student Leadership for Change (SLC) program offered a wide variety of activities. Students became more aware of the school environment and took more initiative to take care of it (picking up garbage, recycling, taking better care of school resources like textbooks and PE equipment, etc).”

Anita McBride

"Overall I believe the project was interesting and motivated many students to look at their own sustainability habits and decisions. It was also very helpful to have direct support from BTCEA via phone, e-mail or workshops.”

Debbie Lodewijk

“My teaching practice has blossomed through the teaching of this course. I have seen pride and joy in my students and they are learning to deal with and work through failures and make connections to their food and the local community.”

What is included in SLC: Student Leadership for Change?

Modules & Student Action Packs

Modules & Student Action Packs

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

SLC Versions

SLC English

(Formerly Blended)

SLC Blended combines the best of teacher-facilitated class discussions and student presentations with independent student research referencing videos and articles online as well as research activities in the home or community.

Student inquiries are deepened and supported through the structured process of the Action Packs and the opportunity to collaborate in small groups.

Teachers are supported with extensive lesson plans and handouts for classroom activities.

The SLC Blended version is always the first to be updated and augmented, as most of our teachers are using this version of SLC.


LÉDD is a translation of the 2017 Blended materials with some supplementary materials still in English.

LÉDD materials include detailed Lesson Plans, Action Packs and Answer Keys, Student World View Surveys, a Bingo Activity and Presentation Rubric.

In addition to the English research links used for the Blended version, LÉDD includes around three French research links per Action Pack. 

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