The Climate Action Unit consists of 13 “Action Packs” and 3 different lesson plans with engaging student activities and videos. These learning resources are designed to:

  • Inform students through in-depth research on global issues related to climate change
  • Engage students with place-based activities to connect the global problems to local solutions
  • Empower students to take meaningful actions in their homes, schools, and communities to address climate change.


The 13 engaging Action Packs in this Unit are:

  1. The Story of Meat
  2. Plastics
  3. Costly Trends
  4. Organic Waste
  5. Acidic Oceans
  6. Transportation
  7. Paper Cuts
  8. Bright Energy
  9. Being Chill & Heating Up
  10. Oil
  11. Nature Nurture
  12. Nature’s Rights
  13. Climate Justice


"[SLC] has had a surprisingly big impact on me, reminding us of our word's problems so many have turned a blind eye to. I have started becoming more mindful of the items we waste and recycle in my house. Of course, I knew of this dilemma earlier, but it never quite sunk in that climate change is real, it is happening, and I can make a difference."  -Delta Student



The 2018 IPCC report warned of only 11 years to address climate change. In response to this urgent call to action Be The Change is making the new Climate Action Unit and all Student Leadership for Change (SLC) programs FREE for BC educators and students



All you need to do is register for SLC and you will have access to the Climate Action Unit and all other SLC resources.

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