April + May 2022 Newsletter - What an Earth Week!


In this month's newsletter, we want to highlight an Earth Week Challenge we ran in April to encourage teachers to bring Climate and Eco-Social Education into the classroom while creating collective impact.

How did we do?

Forty-nine teachers either took a pledge or committed to a specific action and between 910 and 1200 students received some form of Climate Education!

  1. Two teachers shared the Student Leadership for Change (SLC) library with their colleagues.
  2. Four teachers committed to deliver an Action Pack in their class, reaching 200 students.
  3. Student and teacher workshops: Twenty workshops were booked! Five Water is Life, 5 Youth Climate Ambassadors and 2 habitat clean-ups were delivered so far, reaching 260 Students. We also partnered with BCTF for a special Earth Week offering. Eight educators joined our Pro-D April 20th and 15 classes streamed our Earth Day student workshop across BC to 450 Students!
  4. Four teachers joined our emerging action network and map, bringing our total to 26 teachers and 15 student groups. 
  5. Seven new teachers and 3 students completed our Climate Education Reform Survey, bringing our total to 118 teachers and 193 students.

Teachers - it's not too late to bring climate to the classroom, we encourage you to make use of our resources and bring climate education to your class! It’s not climate for now, it’s climate forever.

If you're excited about our Earth Day efforts, consider becoming a donor of Be the Change Earth Alliance. Donors help make this work possible! You can empower educators and students to take action on climate change through a tax-deductible gift today!

With gratitude for your life-affirming efforts,

George Radner (he/him)

Executive Director

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