Free Earth Week Student Workshop and Teacher Pro-D!

Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) has partnered with BCTF Committee for Action on Social Justice again this year to offer student workshops (Grades 8-12) for teachers to stream in their classes during Earth Week April 17 - 22nd! We will also be hosting a free Pro-Development workshop for teachers. Check it out!

Student Water is Life Part 1 Workshop: 

  • Time Slot 1: Tuesday, April 18th, 10am-11:30am. 
  • Time Slot 2: Thursday, April 20th, 1pm - 2:30pm. 

BTCEA Pro-Development Workshop for Teachers!

  • Tuesday, April 18th, 3:30pm-4:30pm PST

Free Earth Week Offerings Details:

BTCEA Student Workshop Streams: (best suited grades 8-12):


This workshop is designed to happen in 2 parts (see details below), please sign up for a Water is Life Part 2 workshop after completing the RSVP form. Part 2 will be delivered to your class individually on a date and time of your choice! 

Part 1 will be streamed to classes across BC on the following dates. Participating classes will sign into our zoom room through one account to be projected in class. 

Time Slot 1: Tuesday, April 18th, 10am-11:30am. 

Note* Please join between 10:00am and 10:15am. Workshop Runs 10:15am - 11:20am with an extra 10 minutes for questions for those who wish to stay connected. 

Time Slot 2: Thursday, April 20th, 1pm - 2:30pm. 

Note* Please join between 1:00pm and 1:15pm. Workshop Runs 1:15pm - 2:20pm with an extra 10 minutes for questions for those who wish to stay connected. 

Details of Water is Life workshop: 

Water is Life is a 2-part workshop designed to deepen students’ understanding of the climate crisis and threats to freshwater, and engage them in taking meaningful action. Both workshops, which can be delivered in-person or virtually to your classroom or youth group, also make connections to the Sustainable Development Goals, and weave in Indigenous perspectives.

Part 1 (stream): Builds understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change, intersectional climate justice, and the connection of water to life and climate. The workshop focuses on possible actions and solutions students can take. Students are guided through individual actions, as well as the importance of collective action for systemic change. Participants will complete an action tracker after the workshop to guide them in taking action and tracking their progress up until the next workshop. The tracker assists students in contemplating and building habits of sustainability accessible to them in their lives.

Part 2 (scheduled separately): After a month of positive action tracking and sustainable habit building, students meet with the workshop facilitator again for a follow-up session in order to discuss and reflect on their experiences and any challenges they faced with completing their habits, and to celebrate the impact they made. This workshop deepens the understanding of systemic change and creates a launch point for students to continue taking action

BTCEA Pro-Development Workshop for Teachers!

Beyond Sustainability: Embracing Transformative Climate Education

Tuesday, April 18th, 3:30pm-4:30pm PST


This interactive workshop aims to help teachers gain confidence and competence teaching climate change and related socio-ecological issues. Participants will engage in experiential learning and dialogue – so they can gain a deeper connection with each other and find greater purpose in delivering socio-ecological education. They will explore progressive pedagogical approaches and the importance of values-based, Transformative climate education. Participants will be introduced to Student Leadership for Change (SLC), a free library of learning resources which empower students to develop their critical thinking and agency on social, environmental and climate justice issues.

Created in collaboration with teachers, SLC learning resources help students take meaningful action in their households, schools and communities. Blending online research with placed-based activities at-home and peer dialogue in the classroom, SLC helps students navigate eco-anxiety and become confident change-makers.

Sign up for free access to SLC here! 


Maureen Jack-LaCroix

Maureen is an engaging facilitator with 18 years experience as an environmental educator; is the Creative Director of BTCEA, led the team to create Student Leadership for Change learning resources, has a Masters in Eco-Psychology and is a PhD candidate at SFU in Socio-Ecological Education.

Dayna Margetts 

Dayna is a high school teacher in Kelowna with 18 years of classroom teaching experience and a passion for sustainability education. Since completing a Masters of Science in Environmental Practice, she has come to see how important education is in working for a just and sustainable future for all beings. She is eager to help educators and their students thrive in the face of much instability and uncertainty by reflecting upon the lens by which they view their world.


About Be The Change Earth Alliance

Be the Change Earth Alliance is a charitable organization founded in 2005 which supports positive, interconnected environmental and social change in schools and communities. We deliver socio-ecological education and empowerment programs that help youth to take personal and collective action on environmental and social issues. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower youth to take personal and collective action for a just, sustainable, resilient, and personally-fulfilling world. BTCEA offers several student workshops, ProD opportunities, and hundreds of free resources created by and for educators through their flagship program, Student Leadership for Change (SLC). SLC features an  online library of learning resources including student Action Packs, worksheets, videos, lesson plans, classroom activities, and more. Register here for free access.

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