Climate & Connection Unit

The Climate & Connection Unit consists of FREE learning resources for teachers, specifically designed for remote and home learning. This Unit is the most recent addition to the “Blended” version of Student Leadership for Change (SLC), Be the Change’s online suite of eco-social learning resources. 

The Climate and Connection Unit consists of 15 Action Packs that guide students through learning and taking action on topics related to two main themes:

  • Climate: climate change, climate action and climate justice
  • Connection: to myself, to my values, and to other people

Highlights of the Climate & Connection Unit include:

  • Solutions- and action-oriented learning on environmental and social justice topics
  • Focus on experiential learning and household activities to minimize screen time 
  • PDF format that students can fill out on a computer or print at home
  • Easily distributed on online platforms such as Microsoft Teams
  • Focus on developing Core Competencies 
  • Flexible and adaptable to specific needs of a teacher, student or course
  • Applicable to a range of courses such as  Science, Social Studies and Careers
  • Designed for high school and middle school students; adaptable for primary students 
  • Strong alignment with the First People’s Principles of Learning 
  • (NEW!) An Experiential Learning Toolbox with experiential learning activities focused on building social and personal connection and developing Core Competencies


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