Give Active Hope to Young People

Could you use some ‘active hope’?

Young people today need this particular kind of hope— and in this season of generosity, you can get it by giving it.

What is active hope? 

It’s the resilient optimism that comes from getting your hands dirty.

“Active hope is something we do rather than have,” says scholar and deep ecology activist Joanna Macy. “It involves being clear on what we hope for, and then playing our role in the process of bringing that about.”  

Your contribution to Be The Change will help empower thousands of students by showing them they have a role to play in changing the world.

Please donate now to help BTCEA shift the education system and bring students a positive way to grapple with 21st-century issues.

Here’s what the students say:

 “…I really enjoyed learning from Be the Change because I started doing things I never thought I would ever do and I realized it could make a change not only to this world but to my life.”

Your donation will bring our Student Leadership in Sustainability curriculum to students in B.C. schools, enabling them to make their unique contribution towards a just and sustainable society.

“SLS was one of my favorite sections. I am always being told about everything that is wrong in the world, and never how to fix it. These assignments helped change that and made me feel like I can help.”

Please join this Community for Change today.  SLS is new and innovative … we need to train teachers on how to integrate this important curriculum into their courses.  Your donation will make this possible.

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