How do teachers register and access the material?

Here is an instruction guide on signing up to SLC

First, register by following this link: here. Once registered, sign in by clicking SLC Login in the top navigation bar of our website.

Choose either English Or French, Our action packs are offered in both English and French. Please keep in mind that some of our material has not yet been translated. If you are a French teacher, please select both English and French to gain access to all the materials. Please fill in the information accurately, this helps us gauge members.

For existing users, please go here, to update your account.

When logging in, you will be asked if you would like to access our material in English or French. 
Choose your choice of language.

If you have selected English, you will be directed to our SLC site

If you have selected French, you will be directed to our LEDD site.


If you wish to use our action packs, in the top menu, select "modules", there, you can choose between all of our different Action Packs which are divided into different topics.
If you wish to use our pre-made units, in the top menu, select “Units”, there you can choose between all of our different units.

For information on providing access to students, see the email titled “Important SLC Login Information” which was sent to you when you signed up to SLC. Students have a universal login. All students log in with the same email and password.

Issues gaining access? Email us at [email protected]

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