January 2021 Newsletter

I hope the start of your new year has been going well! In this newsletter, I’d like to zoom in on one of our most exciting projects -- one that I actually helped co-found back in 2018 while I was an undergrad at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Be the Change Earth Alliance, in collaboration with the UBC Climate Hub, is proud to offer Youth Climate Ambassadors workshops to high school aged youth across British Columbia. Instead of focusing on the ‘doom and gloom’ narrative surrounding climate change, these free workshops use the power of storytelling to empower and inspire youth to take positive action on climate change. By participating in these workshops, youth gain hope and agency and a deeper understanding of how climate change is both an environmental and social justice problem. Youth also walk-away with the impactful tools required to be effective climate activists, leaders and communicators. 

What does the Climate Ambassador workshop entail?

In these virtual 45-90 minute workshops, middle and high school aged youth ...

  • Participate in an open discussion and dialogue on their ideas and feelings surrounding climate change.
  • Are introduced to the concept of climate justice.
  • Learn from the personal stories and experiences of the facilitators, on how they became motivated to take positive action on climate change.
  • Learn from stories of other youth, locally and internationally, who are stepping up to act on climate change.
  • Participate in an activity to guide them in creating their own “climate story” and identifying a call to action for their peers, families and community members. 

YCAP workshops are facilitated by UBC student volunteers, who are able to meaningfully relate to and engage with their high school peers. 

Know anyone who may be interested interested in hosting a Climate Ambassador workshop?

Be the Change Earth Alliance is able to continue its work empowering youth leaders through the generous support of our donors. Please consider donating today. Thank you!


George Radner (he/his)

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